Type rating (TR) twin-engine helicopters

The duration of a type rating training course depends on the type of aircraft, your experience – i.e. if you are already trained on multi-engine or not – as well as the qualification targeted (Single or Multi-Pilot, VFR or IR).

For instance our AS365 N3 non-initial SP/VFR lasts approximately 3 weeks.
Indeed, the cost may significantly change according to the aforementioned inputs. This is the reason why we strongly recommend that you contact us so we can find the most affordable solution together.


– To be medically apt (Class 1 – CPL or 2 – PPL) for the duration of the training course
– To hold a helicopter pilot license
– For non-initial Type Rating, to hold the ATPL (H) certificates 020 and 030 or have been trained in an equivalent manner.
– To justify of at least 70 hours as a Captain on helicopter


Initial type rating on AS365N3 SP/VFR: Theoretical: 54 hours of ground course Practical: 11,5 hours of FFS simulator (incl. test) + consolidation session with the real aircraft (2 hours). For other AS365N3 Type ratings (SP/MP/IR, additionnal TR…) or other twin engine type ratings like AS355N, AS365N, EC135, S76, AS332, EC225 …, please contact us directly and we will find a solution for you.