Training for Industry : initiation flight

In collaboration with THALES AVIONICS, we have developed a course specially designed for the actors of the aeronautical world.

This one-day course will enable your team (design office, marketing, managers, etc.) to get a better understanding of helicopter issues through an interactive day spent with our experienced instructors where the following topics will be addressed:

  • How does a helicopter fly?
  • What about the Human Machine Interface and how does the pilot use it? What are the pilot’s needs?
  • How is the workload distributed during an operational flight and how a pilot manages it?
  • What do helicopter operations mean?

The course is detailed as follows:

  • 5 hours of ground course
  • 1.5 hours on EC135 simulator
  • 45 minutes of initiation flight on one of our Guimbal Cabri G2
  • 2 hours of briefing and debriefing (inc. flight safety briefing)

The price is 1600,-€ TTC per person for minimum 2 trainees”

vol initiation hélicoptère