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Mutually developed by Airbus Helicopters and Thales Training & Simulation, our Full Flight Simulator FFS level B / FTD level 3 is fully compliant with the stringent EASA regulations.

Its 210° x 70° field of view, combined with a detailed visual database, enables a complete flight immersion with a high level of realism. It enables flight training in normal or degraded situations, by day or by night. This is the perfect tool for perfecting and learning AS 365 skills or training for operational missions.

If you would like to train in your operational environment, please do not hesitate to contact us, we can work together to create dedicated scenarios (Oil & Gas, HEMS, wind-farm, military, etc.).

Our simulator may be leased in WET (with one of our instructors) or in DRY (with your own instructor).

IOS training is compulsory when opting for DRY lease and our experienced instructors are available to help you to build-up your own training scenarios.

vue FFS plateforme

FTD2 representative of a H135T2+

In June 2017 we opted to change our FNPTII for a brand new H135 T2+ FTD developed by Entrol. This latest generation simulator provides a large scope of training which complements efficiently our FFS.

Its 200° X 70° field of view is very close to that of a FFS. Although there is no motion, a vibrating floor composed of micro-actuators enables to re-create the very realistic sensation of the helicopter.

This flight simulator is fitted with two Garmin GTN750, ideal for PBN training.

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