A modern training center

Héli Union Training Center is located at Brie Champniers airport, near Angoulême. This platform was chosen because of the favorable meteorological conditions of the region. This is also an ideal place for training due to the limited density of aeronautical traffic and a fully IR-equipped airport with 2D and 3D approaches (NDB, ILS, GNSS).

Our training center is also ideally located – particularly for our foreign customers – for visiting marvellous nearby touristic areas like Bordeaux, Cognac, La Rochelle, the Loire castles or the Périgord region.

Our Center

Héli Union Training Center premisis  has a total of 2,300m2 of classrooms, offices as well as a large hangar.

In detail:

  • 9 large individual classrooms
  • 1 language laboratory
  • 1 Operations  / Flight Preparation Room
  • 6 Briefing and debriefing rooms
  • 2 simulators rooms (FTD2 et FFS)
  • 3 rest rooms
  • Administrative Offices
  • Maintenance workshop and machinery hangar
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