MCC (Multi Crew Coordination)


The significant operational experience of our instructors is a real added-value for this training. You will learn how to interact with a co-pilot or Captain, how to anticipate a stressed situation or how to share the workload.


– To be medically apt Class 1 (CPL) or 2 (PPL) for the duration of the training course
– To be the holder of a theoretical ATPL (H)
– To be the holder of a licence CPL (H) or PPL (H)


You will face different scenarios for developing your skills in terms of communication, handling of malfunctions and associated role distribution among the crew. You will learn about the mutual cross-check and sterile cockpit. All the things which make an efficient team.
The duration of training is 4 weeks.
The training is basically done on our FTD2 but can be done on our AS365N3 FFS.


THEORETICAL – 25 hours of ground courses
PRACTICAL – 20 hours of synthetic flight instruction on FTD2 for MCC / IR or 15 hours on FTD2 for MCC / VFR Note: MCC training may also be performed on FFS.


This training shall allow you to endorse the prerogatives of Crew Commander or Copilot on a Multi-Pilot helicopter.