CPL (H) Modular


The duration of training is approximately 2 months. In order to commence a CPL (H) modular course you must have flight experience (see below).
The cost of the training varies depending on your experience and on the type of helicopter used.
Starting from 2019, the training course will be delivered in English using Bristol Ground School as a baseline.


– To be medically apt (Class 1 – Professional Pilot) for the duration of the training course
– To be at least 18 years old at the time of the CPL (H) practical test
– To be the holder of a PPL (H) in accordance with Annex 1 of the Chicago Convention
– To have completed 155 hours flight time, including 50 hours as Captain and 10 hours of flight in rural areas
– To be the holder of a theoretical CPL (H).
– Justify, at the time of the CPL (H) practical test, to being in possession of a total of 185 hours flight time.
– To be holder of a valid SEP type rating that corresponds to the type of machine used during the 35 hour practical training programme.


THEORETICAL – can be done using our mixed training course programme (e-learning and presential)
PRACTICAL – 37 hours flight instruction (incl. 2 hours evaluation) + test (2 hours)


Once you obtain your CPL (H) license, you will become a professional helicopter pilot. You will be able to fly as a captain and be eligible to receive remuneration.