Professionnal helicopter pilote – Integrated CPL (H)


We take special care of our trainees and permanently focus on their level of understanding of aeronautical matters. Therefore – based on our experience – we have increased the theoretical training by 130 hours (approx. +34%) compared to the EASA requirements.

Starting from 2019, our training course will be delivered in English using Bristol Ground School as a baseline.


– To be medically apt (Class 1 – Professional Pilot)
– To be at least 18 years old
– To pass a preliminary assessment (within HUTC) based on notions of mathematics and physics to confirm your ability to follow the theoretical course in the best conditions possible


Duration of Initial CPL(H) training including theoretical CPL(H)*: 11 months
The cost of the training varies depending on your experience and on whether you are ab-initio or already hold a PPL (H).


THEORETICAL CPL(H)* – 480 hours | 13 modules (350 hours according to the regulations)
PRACTICAL – 135 hours flight instruction (including 25 hours on FTD2) + test
(*) We may also deliver this training with the theoretical ATPL / IR (H). 
For any specific requests (training on a particular helicopter type, airplane experience, ATPL/IR(H) theoretical,…), please contact our commercial team.


Once you obtain your CPL (H) license, you will become a professional helicopter pilot. You will be able to fly as a captain and be eligible to receive remuneration.