Our helicopters

Cabri G2

We have opted for Cabri G2 for flight training because this light aircraft is reliable, safe and cost-effective. It allows for safe, full autorotations and can be flown within a large flight envelope.

Fitted with a Multi-Functions Display (MFD), it prefigures the glass-cockpits of the modern aircraft, which will most probably be flown by our trainees later on.

This helicopter type is manufactured by the French company Guimbal.

Security first

The Cabri G2 is also equipped with strengthened structural components for a better safety like dual skin tank, reinforced connectors, crash-resistant seat, etc.)

We own 3 of these aircrafts.

vol avec instructeur sur Cabri
zoom hélicoptère dauphin

AS 365N & N3

The AS 365 – also called “Dolphin” – is a twin-engine helicopter developed by Eurocopter (Airbus Helicopters now). It is a medium-size aircraft well-known for its adaptability and reliability for more than 3 decades. It is the flagship of Heli-Union used all around the world for Oil & Gas logistic support.

In our training center, we own one AS365 N and one AS365 N3. Both of them are used for TR, IR (inc. PBN for AS365 N) and Multi-Pilot training.