FI (H)


We consider that the training of a Flight Instructor is of utmost importance. He/she will hold the responsibility to conduct safe and effective training sessions to brand new pilots. This is the reason why this training is one of the strong points in our portfolio.
Therefore, you will be trained by one dedicated instructor throughout  your course in our training center. Our flight instructors are especially dedicated to this type of training and will guide you to develop your pedagogical skills by providing you with guidelines and recommendations.


– To be medically apt Class 1 (CPL) or 2 (PPL) for the duration of the training course
– To be the holder of a valid type rating on the machine used for this training. If not, it is necessary to follow a TR course on this machine (please refer to piston / turbine TR training)
– To be at least 18 years old
– To be the holder of 250 hours flight time on helicopter of which:
– 100 hours as Captain for holders of ATPL (H) or CPL (H)
– 200 hours as Captain for holders of PPL (H)
– To be the holder of a theoretical CPL (H)
– Justify at least 10 hours of instrument flight (5 hours may have been done on FNPT II or simulator)
– Justify at least 20 hours of navigation as Captain
– To have successfully completed a pre-admission evaluation in accordance with the type rating competency check programme (valid for 6 months)
– The flight evaluation must be performed at least 15 days before the beginning of the training course


The duration of the training course is 6 to 7 weeks.
The training is done on Cabri G2 with the possibility of using another type of helicopter (e.g.: R44).


THEORETICAL – 125 hours of ground courses
PRACTICAL – 33 hours flight instruction (inc. 1,5 hour evaluation) + test (1,5 hour)


This training course will allow you to deliver flight instruction or single-engine type ratings under the supervision of another instructor. (This restriction will be lifted once you have completed 100 hours of instruction including 25 hours of solo supervision)