Delivery, renewal or extension for Instructors or Examiners

Our added value

We have been delivering this training course for several years and therefore have a large experience in this domain. Beyond the pure learning objectives, this course is a forum for the flight instructors to share their personal experiences and update their knowledge on the very latest regulations.

We propose delivery, renewal or extension for FI/TRI(H), FE/TRE(H) and FIE(H).

Instructor Training

This course is for FI (H), TRI (H), IRI (H) for both renewals or extensions.
The duration is two days i.e. 14 hours of ground course
The cost is 380,- euros per person inc. lunch.

Examiner refresher course / normalisation

This course is dedicated to FE (H), TRE (H), FIE (H) renewals, extensions or even initial* ratings.
The duration is one day i.e. 8 hours of ground course
The cost is 220 euros per person inc. lunch

(*) Please contact us.