01 May 2018

Heli-Union is currently performing the first ever H725 (now called H225M) Major Overhaul in its 5000m² hangar in Toussus le Noble, where the Headquarters of Heli-Union is located. The H725 Caracal belongs to the French Air Force, is a twin-engine, long-range military transport helicopter.

Heli-Union has been performing periodical checks, repair and overhaul for the French Air Force H725 in the last few years, before being awarded the Major Overhaul contract. The Major Overhaul has started in April 2018.

Pierre Le Gall, Deputy Managing Director of Heli-Union who is in charge of the MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) department commented, “As the leading provider of helicopter MRO services, we are very pleased to have the opportunity from the French Air Force to be the first company in the world to perform Major Overhaul on H725. This shows our ability to evolve and improve, adapting our services to meet the market needs. Our team consists of experienced, skilled and well-motivated engineers, providing the most effective and quality services to our clients. We are looking forward to be working with a wider client database for H725 Major Overhaul service.”